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Balayage Nails: These are the trend nails in summer

summer fingernails. Particularly practical: you don’t just have to choose one color, you can use several at the same time.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to go straight to the nearest nail salon to fulfill your dream of balayage nails. You can also make the summer nail trend yourself at home. The trendy nail design is actually not as difficult as it looks!

What you need:

1. Nail polish colors of your choice (at least two, practical set here at Douglas ) *

2. Sponges ( here at Douglas ) *

4 . greasy cream

5. washable pad


Step 1: File

your nails File your nails into the shape you want . At Balayage Nails, we find oval nails or which ballerina nails are particularly great. In addition, the longer your nails are, the more beautiful and gentle you can design the gradient.


Step 2:

Apply a darker color First you should wet the sponge and wring it out well so that it is only slightly damp. Also, have a clean and washable surface ready, for example a kitchen board. Lubricate the skin around the nails with a greasy cream or petroleum jelly so that you don’t have to worry about blundering while stamping.


Now apply the darker color over your entire fingernail. Let everything dry well.


Step 3: apply lighter color

Now put some of the lighter color on the surface and then pick up the paint with the sponge. Now dab the color on the tip of the nail. Use a little more color at the very front and then gently smudge it backwards


Tip: When you try the technique for the first time, make sure that the contrast between the two colors is not too high – so do not use a very light and a very dark shade. It is better to use tones from the same color family.

And another extra tip: It’s better to use a little less ink than too much in the stamping process. If in doubt, you can also layer them.


Step 4: Topcoat

After the colors have dried, you should seal everything with a top coat. This makes the result look more even and your trend nails also last longer.


Shopping tip: Are you tired of nail polish and prefer long-lasting UV polish? Here at Douglas you get a practical one. You don’t feel like using nail polish and prefer long-lasting UV polish? Here atDouglasyou get a practical baby boomer set from Alessandro .

Balayageails: Trendy color combinationse

Theat thing about the balayage nails is that they are super changeable and there is something for everyone from subtle to extravagant and colorful.


Do you like it classically and discreetly on your nails? Then choose delicate pink or nude tones for the balayage nails. We already know this from Babyboomer Nails , where a beautiful gradient of pink and white is created


We find a delicate color gradient from dark to light gray or pastel apricot tones just as beautiful.


Do you prefer it summery and gaudy? Then choose colorful nail polishes for the ombré gradient. For example, if you have decided on a bright blue, apply this to your entire nail and use a sponge to dab a slightly lighter blue on the nail tips.


If you don’t want to decide on a color direction, you can of course apply a different color to each fingernail. If you don’t want to decide on a color direction, you can of course use a different color on each fingernailInstruc


You don’t necessarily have to stick to the “front to back” scheme with balayage nails. You can also achieve the ombré effect sideways by working from left to right. This is especially great for shorter nails.





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