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8 tips for a healthy diet despite stress

But how can you integrate a balanced diet into extremely stressful everyday life? When you’re actually just happy that you quickly get a roll between your teeth at the bakery during your lunch break? The job leaves little time for home-cooked food – and cravings usually appear when it’s too late to go shopping.

Healthy nutrition in a stressful everyday life. That’s how it works!

1. Plan healthy eating

Like most things, it’s all a question of organization. Make a menu list of all the foods you want to eat in the next few days. From the porridge in the morning to the lunch salad and the chicken in the evening. In this way, a healthy diet can be planned when shopping and food cravings can be avoided better.

2. Pre-cooking

Often there is not enough time to cook healthily in everyday life. But most dishes can be pre-cooked and frozen without any problems. Curries, stews, soups or casseroles are always frozen and ready to be put on the stove without losing any nutrients. A fixed appointment in the week for pre-cooking – and you always have something healthy to eat the rest of the day.

3. Smoothies

You want to get on your vitamins but have zero time to cook? Bananas, apples, spinach – you can puree delicious smoothies from fruits and vegetables without wasting too much time. If you add some bouillon to the puree, you can also make a delicious sauce for pasta or meat.

4. Recipe book

Most of the time, a healthy eating plan fails in everyday life because we simply have no idea what to cook. Therefore, start a recipe book in which you record ideas or store delicious recipes. So you always have an inspiration for delicious and healthy food.

5. Healthy supplies

Healthy nutrition becomes uncomplicated when you don’t have to go to the store, but always have a certain amount of good food in the house. Especially nuts, oatmeal, rice, but also frozen vegetables or fish can be stored well.

6. Snacking – the right way

The little hunger that grabs you in between is the most dangerous. A roll, a chocolate bar – all these little bites make your blood sugar level skyrocket and drop again just as quickly. As a result, the cravings come back quickly. The solution: you have healthy snacks in your pocket. Nuts, hearty vegetable muffins, sliced ​​vegetables or fruit.

7. Have a decent breakfast

Those who start the day with healthy and filling foods will find it easier to eat healthily. Ideally, there is something in the morning that is rich in fiber and protein. Perfect, for example: scrambled eggs with avocado and salmon. Or a porridge that you prepare the evening before and only add fruit to it in the morning.

8. Do not overfeed

Ideally, you should therefore take your time to eat. Anyone who is still in a hurry tries to find a healthy dose. Only eat enough that you feel almost full. The feeling of satiety only sets in around 20 minutes after the meal. Those who already feel full while eating have usually already eaten too much.


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